Strict adherence to a standard of value or conduct,
personal honesty
this is how Webster defines.
But, sometimes being a Black Belt,
some seem to drift far from the line.
See—when I envision a true martial artist,
it isn’t always the skills and talents
that I want to see—
their character and determination,
and, primarily,
their Integrity.

Yes, even in arts,
there are those who will,
and have,
sold their souls
in a race to reach a level,
to elevate their roles.
So to my brothers in the arts who lead, and,
have trained to that extreme
To all of them that follow us
and chase this Black Belt dream—
teach this:
If you want to take some short cuts and
not keep your values high,
for this hard earned Black Belt
you need not apply.

©2007 Robb "Dragon" Hogan